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These days, pictures are just now quite enough. There is something about seeing the pictures moves, and there is something about movement making things more interesting. This is why people are now resorting to applications for supporting videos in creating their presentations in the academe or in the business world, and one of the hottest software today available in the market is Camtasia Studio and the Camtasia for Mac.

These two software suites are both created by TechSmith. In a bird’s eye view, the Camtasia software are for creating and making video and video presentations with the use of screencast or the Microsoft PowerPoint. When making the video, the screen area where you do the recording can change depending on your preference. You can also record your audio and other multimedia recordings at the same time. If you just want to add them in the Camtasia Studio component after you are done recording, you do so as well.

What are the features of Camtasia?

  • Record All you Want

Most times, the screen has an effect on the video you are capturing. It would affect both the quality and the file size. That is not the case in Camtasia Studio. This software has a very impressive compression technology that helps in producing an almost perfect quality video recording.

  1. Focusing – You do not need to worry about the quality of your capture, you do not need to worry if it is blurry or not. Camtasia has its own SmartFocus; this means that you can be assured that your final product is best. The SmartFocus helps in tracking the movements, making it possible to record motions the best way possible. Aside from that, it also has zoom ins and outs without pixilating your recordings.
  2. Audio Recording – what is a video without an audio in it? The Camtasia also supports audio recording WHILE you are video recording. It is ultimately shooting two birds with one stone!
  3. Share it! – In these days, it is common to share our photos in social media, even video recordings to. The sharing options of Camtasia are wide so you can be sure that your video will be shared to any social site you want it to share. You can even convert it to MP3 if you want!
  • Edit your Video Here and Now!

Editing has never been this easy and fun. Before you proceed to editing your captured video, you will be first asked where you want to share it. This makes the live preview possible while you are editing your video.

  • Easy cuts

Not all moments are capture perfect moments, there are those unfortunate moments that you were just not on your best. There is nothing to worry! Camtasia makes it very easy for you to cut the parts of the video that you do not like to include. You can also rearrange the sections; you can tilt it or even add depth into it.

Long gone were the days that Camtasia were just a screen capture application or software, not it has improved and integrated so many features. It totally captures and justifies its target audience, both the educational and the information media development market.

Get Camtasia now!

How Does Camtasia Studio Work?

Never a single second wasted…. Camtasia Studio–presentations simplified, lives made simpler and less complicated.

Hello Friends! Today I’m going to discuss how the Camtasia Studio works and how it can make our lives more productive. If you’re ready, let’s begin and start with the basic functions of Camtasia Studio.

Uses of Camtasia

  1. Record your screen to make PowerPoint slides, website pages, software demos, and so much more.
  2. Use the video editor to enhance and edit your screen captures by cutting, splicing, or combining clips.
  3. Import your music, photos, camera, and other media to improve your recordings.
  4. Add a personal touch to all your videos and recordings through the use of tools included in purchase. Some of these tools are animated backgrounds, media themes, callouts, graphics, and so much more.
  5. Make videos that come with a table of contents, clickable links, and others.
  6. Share your videos anywhere online or in any device.

Who Can Benefit from Camtasia Studio?

  • Internet Marketers. Whatever that is you want to promote online through videos and screen captures, it won’t be hard anymore because you got Camtasia to help you explain the benefits, features, how-tos, and others of your readers or followers. Getting viral on YouTube won’t be difficult anymore if you could make astounding videos that can compel people.
  • Teachers. As an educator, you can motivate students better with better visuals. Why do you need to explain too much and talk too much if you could simply make videos or screen captures that can send your message across? You save not only time but your marvelous voice. Go on and spread your knowledge better with Camtasia Studio. Feed young minds not only with wisdom and knowledge but also with inspiration that things could be done easier and faster.
  • Trainers and Speakers. If you’re holding meetings, seminars, presentations, webinars, and other tutorials, why the need to explain too much? An old method that gets not much results. Make your training interactive and lively. You can screencast real quick and cheap with Camtasia Studio. You don’t have to tell but show! All you need is Camtasia and you’re good to go.
  • And simply anyone who wants to make his life easier! (That could be you!)

These and more are magnificent things that your Camtasia Studio can do. If you don’t have yours yet, it might be time to grab your copy now. Simply click here.

Until Next Time,

Peter–Your Software Guide

How to Capture a Menu List using SnagIt

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snagit-howtoHello Friends,

Today I have an interesting Tip and Trick for Snagit Users.  If you own Snagit and do not know how to capture a menu list read on.

If you have never heard of  this software SnagIt is the best screen capture software you can find in the market.  Once you start using it you will wonder how you managed without it! Its like  mobile phones 🙂 , how did we ever survive without them?? How did we ever survive without Snagit??

Snagit has  five different capture modes and over 40 different ways to capture, no wonder, SnagIt outrules them all!

To start off, I’m going to ask you, “Do you know how to capture a menu/ dropdown list with your screen capture software?”

If your answer is “No”. Well, there can be two reasons why you picked that answer:

1. Your software doesn’t have the capability to do so.

Solution: Try SnagIt

2. You are using SnagIt but you have no idea how to do it.

Solution: Use the Time Delayed Capture.

How to Use the Time Delayed Capture

1) Open Snagit and select the Profile Mode you would like to use to Perform you Capture e.g region, scrolling mode etc. : (See image below)


2) Click on the ‘Capture’ menu (you find this on the top left of your snagit screen)  and then select ‘Timer Setup…’ you get the screen below.


3) On the Timer Setup window shown above check the box for ‘Enable delayed/ Scheduled Capture

4) Select the Delayed Capture radio button and Set a time delay on the Delay field between 1 and 60 seconds.

5) Check the Display Countdown checkbox to see the countdown appear on the lower right-hand corner of your screen. Click Apply and OK.

Now you’re ready to capture  your menu/dropdown list.

NOTE: Just make sure you have the Menu/Dropdown selected before the countdown ends. Once the countdown ends, wait for the capture box to appear and select your desired capture area.


delayed capture

Now its your turn give it a try and share your comments  below on your first experience performing a  ‘Delayed Capture’ using Snagit.

You are now a few steps closer to becoming a Certified SnagIt Expert ;-).

I look forward to seeing your comments.

Peter – Your Snagit Guide

How to use Xara Xtreme’s Bevel Tool

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Hello Friends,

Time for another Tutorial!

We are going to teach you how use the Bevel Tool of Xara Xtreme 5.0. Don’t belittle this tool as it can transform a simple object into a professional-looking work of art.

At the end of this article, we will show some images made possible by the power of Bevel Tool.

beveltypeTo start off, create your desired object it could be anything, you can choose  from the Tools menu located on the left-hand side of the Xara Xtreme’s work area. (Text, Shape, Free-hand, etc) Once you’re done, click on the Bevel Tool from the tool menu on the side, then from the drop-down menu on top, click on the arrow to see all types of bevel, choose your desired type.

Apart from the Drop-down menu, you may also adjust the bevel depth, contrast, light angle and light elevation. For example, to adjust the contrast of the bevel, make sure it is set to “Contrast” and then toggle from slider or enter your desired percentage.


IMAGE You can control the bevel depth and the light angle in two ways apart  from doing it manually, you may also use the red arrows by dragging them to your preferred depth and the black arrows to the direction where you want the sun light to create an effect on the object.


There are also other tools on the Bevel Menu, like the buttons for creating an effect to your bevel to appear outside or inside the object. You may also change the color of the bevel by selecting the bevel and choose your desired color from the color palette located on the bottom of the Xara Xtreme’s work area.


Another tool  allows the shape of your bevels to be either mitered, round or beveled.

The examples used above are for demonstration purposes only, thus, I am encouraging you to create a better and artistic outputs from this bevel tutorial.

See below some work of art made out of the Bevel Tool by Groucho see more here….


See more from Fusion Bevel outputs here…..


If you’re not a Xara Xtreme owner yet you can purchase and download Xara Xtreme right away!

This is enough to give you some inspiration! Now, you’re all set and I hope that this tutorial brings out the Xara bevel side of you!

Until Next Time 😉

Peter – Your Xara Guide

How to Capture Snagit using Snagit

how to capture snagit

Hi Friends,

Do you own Snagit? If yes then this is a must read because 99% of Snagit users don’t know the answer to my question  “How do you Capture a Snagit Screen using Snagit”?.

If you have never heard of Snagit this is a software thats a ” MUST HAVE”, its the most popular selling software at Softwarecasa.  Mainly because its one of the most useful software besides an antivirus that anyone could ever purchase, you will use it daily! Once you start using Snagit you will wonder how you managed without it.

Snagit is a screen recording software that Captures, edits, and helps you  share exactly what you see on your screen with others within seconds!

Softwarecasa has a 30 day money back guarantee on Snagit so you can purchase it today and if you are not happy with its performance you will  get a full refund provided its within the 30 days.

Now back to the millions of Snagit funs…

A common question that most Snagit users don’t have an answer to is how to capture a Snagit Screen using Snagit!  We receive alot of support emails with this question, I must admit the  first time I got the question I was dumbfounded myself, but not for long.

This is an actual example of an email we got from a Snagit user:

“I am trying to create in-house step by step instructions on how to perform video capture using SNAGIT. I am trying to capture SNAGIT’s home page w/Quick Launch, Related Tasks, Profiles, and Profiles Settings. But when I use Printscreen it activates SNAGIT. I’ve also tried to use Ctrl Insert, Ctrl A, Ctrl C to capture the screen but to no avail. Is there some way that I can get around the Print Screen hotkey and get my screen capture? I would appreciate feedback as soon as possible…thank you and have a nice holiday…” – Kathy

There are two ways in capturing a Snagit Screen using Snagit:

A. Hide Snagit before capturing


1.Launch Snagit.
2.Go to Tools menu.
3.Click Program Preferences
4.Go to Program Options tab.
5.Uncheck Hide Snagit before capturing.
6.Click Apply button.
7.Then OK.


B. Change Global Capture Hotkeys

1.Go to Program Preferences…
2.Click Hotkeys tab.
3.On the Global capture hotkey, by default it is set to Print Screen, change it to a different key except Print Screen.

4.Click Apply button.
5.Then OK.

How to capture Snagit using Print Screen

When performing a capture using the alternative steps, just press the Print Screen button on your keyboard > open Snagit Editor > create a new blank image (Ctrl + n)> then paste the image (Ctrl + v).

The Print Screen function normally captures the entire screen display, you will have to crop the image to get the desired image from the captured image.

That easy!

Until Next Time 😉

Peter – Your Software Guide

Capture Video with Snagit


Hello Friend,

To all Snagit fanatics out there many of whom until now did not know that apart from capturing images with Snagit you can also perform a video capture using only Snagit.

If you have never heard of Snagit this is the World’s No.1 screen capture software, but not only does it perform screen capture you can also perform Video Captures!

Normally, people tend to stereotype Snagit as an Image or Text Capture software ONLY. What they don’t know is that, Snagit has the capability too, to capture a video. Below we’ll see a how-to video of capturing video using Snagit.

Before you proceed with the video there are settings that need to be configured for the Snagit produced videos to come out good and working.

How to Avoid Common Snagit Video Capture Errors

Black Screen after Video Capture:

This is due to graphics hardware acceleration being used to display the image/video, it performs a “hardware overlay” causing it to produce a black screen.

The only way to solve this is to disable the graphics hardware acceleration, if you do not know how to do this please follow the instructions below:

Windows XP or 2000: Right-click on the desktop and select Properties > Settings > Advanced > Troubleshoot. Set the Hardware acceleration slider to None. See image.


On other versions of Windows: Select Control Panel > System > Performance tab > Graphics > Advanced settings. Set the Hardware acceleration slider to None.

No Audio on Video Capture

Set your Audio Capture Device to Audio, to do so, just click Snagit’s output > Properties > on the Audio Capture Device, change it to your audio > click Apply > OK.


Now you’re all set!

Are you ready to record a video capture? Then watch this video tutorial on how to do so:

I hope this has been helpful if you would like to do some simple video captures with Snagit you now have the skill, if you already own Snagit you can upgrade to the latest Snagit 9.0 for all the new features.

Maximize on your Snagit Software and use it to its full potential today!

Until Next Time 😉

Peter – Your Software Guide

PowerDVD TrueTheater and FancyView

The outstanding player, PowerDVD, has been the talk of the town since its version 9 release. It provides high-quality movie playback and the best audio-quality a player can have, all of which delivers a new dimension in movie experience.

By far considered as the top Blu-ray/DVD-disc player today. PowerDVD is packed with awesome features which will surely bring you to the edge of all edges.

We are featuring two of the major and amazing functions of version 9, the TrueTheater and the FancyView.


Maximize movie experience with version 9’s new TrueTheater™ Technologies:

► TrueTheater H

D: delivers a sharper, artifact-free image when converting low to high resolution, resulting to a picture-perfect quality.

► TrueTheater Motion: with dual-core CPUs and hyper-threading technology, PowerDVD takes advantage of these in providing a smoother and judder-free playback.

► TrueTheater Stretch: Widen your screen view and still look more natural with the preset and customized settings.

► TrueTheate

r Lighting: Enhances image details and naturalize colors whether using a profile or manually and enjoy a brighter and clearer picture.

► TrueTheater Surround: Improves audio-quality with the PowerDVD’s 8-channel audio systems whether you’re on a conventional stereo speakers or on a headphone.


Navigate your movie titles , chapter and special features in a whole new perspective. All in an animated fashion. Have all the time in the world in browsing your favorite DVD chapters visually, FancyView delivers a unique and fun option you can ever imagine.

Check out: PowerDVD 9